Foo Fighters is new Nazi weapon


4 Januari 1945, Foo Fighters in the sky.

Our pilots over Germany encountered a new Nazi weapon, it is a strange, yes, very strange weapon. They are called "Foo-fighters". According to rumors, the Germans use three different types! The first consists of a ball of fire. This one accompanies the aircraft and remains close to one of the wingtips. Even when the aircraft has a speed of 300 miles per hour, the fireball stays beside the aircraft.

The mysterious Foo Fighters


11 November 1954, Foo Fighters extraterrestrial intervention.

On the basis of studies by various researchers, Leslie gives an overview of the different types of spacecraft, powered by jet engines, electromagnetic engines, or propulsion at this point unknown to us. He also mentions the "Foo Fighters", who in the last days of the Second World War spooked great numbers of allied pilots, who thought it was a new German weapon.

Photos of a manned flying saucer


25 October 1952, Photos of a manned flying saucer.

The 29-year-old Italian Monguzzi told that he has taken photographs of a flying saucer, which had landed on a glacier of the Bernina massif (Alps) A "person" came out of the UFO and was dressed in a sort of diving suit. Walked around the plane as if to inspect it, after that the person went back inside the plane, which then took off with "breathtaking speed" and without any sound, into the direction of Switzerland. All this happened about two months ago and he was accompanied by his wife when this happened. He sold the photographs to a French magazine.

Aliens ten feet tall


17 September 1952, seven young people saw monster from flying saucer ten feet tall.

On Friday Seven young people saw monster from flying saucer it was ten feet long, had a green shining body and a nauseating metal scent. Seven people declared that they have seen an a ten foot long, slightly radiating "monster", which had a strong metallic odor. They were at a remote hill near the town of Sutton (in West Virginia). They had heard about reports that a flying saucer had landed there.

UFOs above Africa


21 Februari 1951, "Flying Saucers" photographed Africa.

All passengers, including the crew of an airliner, claimed to have observed a "flying saucer" above Africa's highest peak Mount Kiliman Djaro in North Tanganyika. they described the object as a metallic silver sphere. It seemed to have a tail fin. It remained at a distance of about ten thousand meters above the more than six thousand meters high mountain top and then disappeared horizontally eastward with tremendous speed. Several passengers took photographs and some used their long-focus lens. At the airport in Nairobi, all passengers signed a statement confirming that they had seen the object.