Now UFO seen above Pyrenees Perpignan

ufo115 November 1980, Now UFO seen above Pyrenees Perpignan.

In the southwest of France, an unidentified flying object was seen by a dozen people above Port-Vendres. The UFO appeared as a large yellow sphere, which was visible for half a minute. The object moved in the direction of the Mediterranean with a sparkly trail behind it, according to several motorists, who observed the yellow sphere.

German ship saw "flying object"


11 November 1960, Four miles north of Terschelling [Netherlands] UFO submerges.

Last night the German ship "Spitzerdorf" reported to the coastguard of Den Helder (Netherlands), that they observed 4 miles north of Terschelling a flying object, which disappeared into the sea around seven o'clock, although several other ships were warned to look out for crash debris, no trace of the mysterious object have been found.

Flying object seen in Belgium


23 October 1954, Office clerk saw UFO in Bergen.

A 21-year-old Office clerk saw a flying object on Thursday at Bergen (Belgium). The flying object was seen at a height of about 100 meters above the road when he cycled home from work. The object had "all lights on" and rose at high speed, making a soft humming sound. (Reuter)

Flying Saucers above Greece


8 May 1948, UFO clipping.

Flying Saucers, Athene, 7 May (U.P.). Residents of the area around the Deiran lake, which is close to the Yugoslavian border with Greece, declare to have seen flying saucers, which moved southward and came from the Yugoslavian border. They were flying at an estimated altitude of 1000 meters.

Sweden has nothing to do with UFO sightings


3 April 1948, flying saucers are not of Swedish origin nor are they comets.

Scandinavia is just separated from Russian influence by the Baltic Sea and a land border. Sweden will expand its military air force by fifty percent. General Nordenskjöld has specifically demanded fighter planes, reconnaissance units, radar equipment and more airports. Vougt, the Minister of Defense, has agreed to it and a special office for rocket weapons has been established.