Hermann Oberth about the flying saucers


4 April 1959, UFOs are observed throughout human history.

scholars will be able to produce space mirrors by 1979. These space mirror could be as big as ​​ten square kilometers and concentrating the sunlight in a way that they can illuminate entire cities, melt icebergs and make polar areas habitable. This is what Professor Hermann Oberth, the father of the V-2 rocket, which was used by the Germans to bombarded England towards the end of the Second World War, told at a lecture in Vienna.

fiery air England, air in the west all fiercely


12 March 1740, Air in the west all fiercely.

Salisbury the 19th of February. Yesterday evening at 7 o'clock the air in the west was seen here so fiercely, that in the beginning one believed that somewhere on the Land there was a heavy fire. But by 10 o'clock this phenomenon suddenly shot towards the South, and showed itself even more terribly than before, so that it is recognized as an effect, of the great cold, Snow, and ice.

Flying disk above Dresden


20 May 1755, UFO flies over the city of Dresden.

Dresden 9 May. In the night between the 1st and 2nd of (May) people saw here a rare phenomenon in the sky. It was very dark that night with clouds, when suddenly a great brightness appeared in the midst of a small Cloud in the sky, which remained for minutes in the sky with an uncommon brightness and clarity.

Rotterdam police officers see UFO flying

ufo12 December 1980, Three weeks before the Rendlesham forest UFO incident in the UK.

By Henk Schröder ROTTERDAM, Tuesday: In Rotterdam two police officers looked for minutes, breathlessly at an UFO. "I did not believe in that nonsense", says the still astonished agent Mees Rijsdijk (21), "But now I think differently about it. On Sunday morning together with his colleague chief agent Dirk Pellikaan (23), they were driving on the Spinoza road in southern Rotterdam, suddenly officer Mees saw a bright strange white line above an apartment block.

More people in Rotterdammers saw the UFO flying

ufo13 December 1980, More Rotterdammers saw UFO flying.

ROTTERDAM, Wednesday The UFO reported by two Rotterdam police officers was observed by many people in the City. Out of fear to be ridiculed, most people did not dare to mention the strange phenomenon they witnessed. A resident from Leidschendam, who visited his family in Rotterdam, saw a strange purple light at night, which remained silent in the air for a long time. His story was confirmed by many other witnesses.