Mysterious fireball Steggerda Netherlands


23 September 1908, fireball or UFO.

Steggerda, September 23. This afternoon around 1 o'clock Mr. G. Pen, living at "De Linde", saw a fireball with a diameter of about half a meter. A few meters above the ground, the globe sprang apart. ;It moved in a northerly direction. The same air phenomenon possible also reported on wednesday afternoon.

Mysterious steerable balloon


28 August 1908, UFO seen above France.

A mysterious, steerable airship moved back and forth in the neighborhood of our city on French territory at 9 o'clock yesterday evening for almost an hour. The balloon, in the form of a very long cigar, must at first sight have been of very large dimensions. Coming from the direction of the Alps, it went over the neighborhoods of Vuache, then first of all turned straight towards the Mout Salève and seemed to stay there.

The earthquake at Djokja Java Indonesia


1 August 1903, strange lights seen in the sky.

In the evening of the 2nd of July, at eight o'clock, in Djokja [Java] a very light earthquake was felt, followed by a similar one at nine o'clock. At half past five the following morning the phenomenon repeated, but now more noticeably. The paintings went back and forth and the clocks stopped.



12 July 1947, No! Make no mistake.

No! Make no mistake. It is a flying saucer, but it has nothing to do with the American one. What you see is nothing but a super-modern model of an English aircraft factory, which the designer hopes will reach a speed of 1800 km per hour!

Flying saucers nonsense or a well-kept secret


6 September 1952, UFOs in our sky.

Thousands of people believe in flying saucers. They accept their existence, just as one accepts radio and television, which are, after all exists, without having to know how it all works. And every day more people are convinced, especially in America but now also in the Netherlands, that the flying saucers are real, and must undoubtedly even come from celestial bodies other than the earth: since, high American authorities have instructed military pilots to closely observe phenomena such as those of the flying saucers, these strange objects showed thenself several times over Washington DC, the belief is increasing, that there is still something new under the sun with which humanity has not had anything to do so far.