Aerial phenomena fall towards the earth 1771


8 August 1771, UFO seen in France.

Paris 22 July: Here is spoken of an air Phenomenon on the 17th of July, in the early night at 10:30. It was seen and described in the following manner. The sky was clear without clouds, and there was not the slightest indication of any thunderstorm or storm. When suddenly a strong and brilliant light spread through the atmosphere, it looked like an inverted cone. In all the places where it was observed it seemed to descend quietly towards the earth when it disappeared, many people imagined having heard a thunder after its disappearance.

Second moon or UFO France 1799


12 March 1799, Port Malo UFO France.

On the same day (3 march) an air phenomenon was seen in Port Malo. While the Moon in the East, covered by some clouds diffusely spreading its light. In de west people discovered another group of clouds and the most perfect image of the Moon, but much bigger. The size and color was almost equal to that of the full Moon. This air phenomenon lasted 4 to 5 minutes, after which it decreased from moment to moment, and then disappeared completely behind a low hanging cloud.

UFO seen above Spain 1763


16 June 1763, UFO in the shape of a sheaf of corn.

On June the 10th, at 8 o'clock in the evening, one saw here and in several places around here, a small fire globe, which flew like a lightning through the firmament, from the North to the South, where it disappeared behind the horizon. This air phenomenon, which was very clear and lasted about one Minute, had the Form of a great sheaf of corn.

Three UFOs above Tholen the Netherlands


13 August 1890, UFOs interested in river water.

On Saturday afternoon a beautiful, but also a terrifying air phenomenon was seen in Tholen. In about an hour long, three air phenomenon, swung around like a swing. One of them sucked up water from the river so high that it spouted over the Bergschen dike. All three of them disappeared in a south westerly direction.

UFO flies over New Amsterdam Netherlands


25 March 1891, New Amsterdam sees UFO.

Last night at about eleven o'clock, an unusual air phenomenon was observed in New Amsterdam. In the direction from South West to the North East, a luminous sphere was seen. After the sphere was observed for about ten seconds, it burst. A part of it continued in the same direction with the same luminous force as before, while the other parts were no longer visible immediately after the bursting.