UFO Ozark Alabama USA


13 June 1900, Ozark sees UFO.

The inhabitants of the city of Ozark, Alabama, and surroundings, have seen a strange air phenomenon these days. In the evening at about half past eleven a fiery cross suddenly appeared in the western sky coming from an easterly direction. The phenomenon did not seem to be more than 1000 feet high in the sky and fire sparks constantly dropped down. The people in the vicinity were in a state of great excitement during the incident and believed that the end of the world had come.

Belgium Bruges UFO


14 August 1845, Two disks seen in the sky.

From Bruges (Belgium) is reported, in the evening of the eighth this month that by the canal that runs to the town Ghent, a luminous air phenomenon has been seen on the horizon, it had the shape of two suns resting on top of each other, surrounded by a rainbow. It spread a light just as the moon in its first quarter. The farmers related the phenomenon to things, such as the diseases of the potatoes.

UFO seen Zwartsluis Netherlands


11 August 1864, Hundreds of people saw the UFO.

On Saturday evening at about 10:30 a fiery dark red sky phenomenon was in Zwartsluis in the shape of a sphere, whose diameter of 2 palms (20 cm). It exploded like fireworks in the sky. The direction in which it was seen was from south-south-east to north-north-west (the fire-ball was seen by hundreds and makes thousands of people worry, especially those fireworks reminds them of war, we are waiting for further information from our stargazers).

UFO was a balloon story 1858 Germany


16 August 1858, It was a balloon in the shape of a Elephant.

There is a horrible story of an air phenomenon on the Lower Rhine, which has recently been seen in the vicinity of Rheinberg (Germany). A farmer working in the field at dusk, saw a monster descending from the sky. It was terrifying.

UFO seen all over the Netherlands


28 June 1866, UFO seen in Tilburg, Tiel, Leiden.

An air phenomenon, recently seen, has also been observed in Tilburg. It moved there from the West to the East. At first it appeared to the western sky like a small cloud, and it passed at a great speed over this place.