UFO was a balloon, Germany


16th August 1858, It was a balloon in the shape of an Elephant.

On the Lower Rhine there was a horrific story told of an air phenomenon, which was recently seen in the vicinity of Rheinberg (Germany). A farmer working in the field at dusk saw a monster descending from the sky. 

UFOs seen all over the Netherlands


28th June 1866, UFOs seen in Tilburg, Tiel and Leiden.

An air phenomenon seen recently has also been observed in Tilburg. It moved there from the West to the East. At first it appeared in the western sky like a small cloud and passed over this place at great speed.

UFO explodes above Ceara, Brazil


11th January 1838, Spherical UFO seen in Brazil.

ENGLAND. London, January 11. In a letter from Brazil it is reported that in the province of Ceara, more than 60 miles from Rio De Janeiro, around the village of Macao at the mouth of the river Assu, a particularly magnificent air phenomenon was seen.

Light beam lit up Zurich, Switzerland


10th January 1844, Light beam over Zurich.

SWITZERLAND. ZURICH, the 30th of December. During the night of 21 to 22 December an air phenomenon was observed over a large part of western Switzerland. The magazine Hetvetie writes about this from Delsburg. A bright light phenomenon of the most striking nature took place at about 10 o'clock. The city, shrouded in dense fog, was suddenly illuminated as by a ray of sunshine in the month of August. This bright light returned twice in the space of two or three seconds. Other newspapers contain the same message.

Russian ship sunk after UFO attack


4th August 1845, UFO sets Russian ship on fire.

Our newspaper contains the following story of a strange and remarkable event. It was the 1st of June when the 12 tonne Russian cargo ship Hoppet was sailing the Mediterranean Sea, going from Naples to Spain. It was about eight o'clock in the evening when suddenly above the ship an air phenomenon appeared. It looked like a kind of comet in the shape of a broom (Cigar shape).