Lieutenant General Arthur Trudeau


11th April 1958, Head of the US Army investigative unit.

The individual American soldier may be equipped in the future with a shoulder weapon with atomic projectiles. This is what Lieutenant General Arthur Trudeau, head of the US Army investigative unit, said in a speech to the Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles.

Test flights could cause UFO sightings


12th April 1950, Explanation for some UFO sightings.

American radio commentator Henry Taylor claims that a great and fantastic type of vehicle will be released into the air by the US Navy from an airport near Minneapolis. According to Taylor it will be unmanned, but will be carrying instruments to record cosmic rays. He described the mysterious object as a huge translucent thing with a long tail, flying 30 km high.

UFO seen by Stockholm observatory


9th March 1960, What was seen in Sweden?

STOCKHOLM, 9 March (UPI) Swedish astronomers are concerned about a strange light phenomenon that was observed in the sky. The light was seen by different people and was even photographed. It happened on Sunday morning and the unknown satellite or flying saucer was named "Alpha 1960".

UFOs seen in Heerenveen, Netherlands


18th February 1974, The wylde lantern hypothesis.

HEERENVEEN - The 74-year-old concrete factory owner Willem Jonker from Gorredijk thinks he has an explanation for the mysterious light phenomenon we reported about on Saturday, that made a lamppost suddenly appear in a bright orange glow in Heerenveen-Zuid on Monday night. According to Mr. Jonker, the phenomenon was known in his boyhood as "Wylde lantern."

UFO in Friesland, Netherlands


8th April 1959, UFO seen above Friesland.

Did Sjoerd Koetstra see a flying saucer two weeks ago? Is his story based on the deceptions of an unknown prankster, was it an optical illusion or a natural phenomenon? These are questions that no one can answer. This is always the problem after observing strange phenomena in the sky, can you tell me what I have seen.