UFO abducts cow USA


4 May 1897, Cow stolen by UFO.

Last night a former member of the legislative chamber of Kansas saw a large object with brilliant lights hovering over his cows. He, his son and a servant were awakened by the noise of their cattle. When they went outside, they saw a large object with brilliant lights hovering over his cows. They rushed outside armed with axes, at that moment the object lifted itself up into the air, pulling a three year old ox with it. The next day he found the skin of the ox ten miles from his house. The object had an altitude of 300 feet and there was a big basket under it. Some wheel made a loud noise. They also saw two men, two children and a woman inside the airship. Two Hamilton neighbors have made a sworn statement that he is a truthful man.

Original text plus Dutch clipping:

Een oud lid der Wetgevende Kamers van Kansas is autoriteit voor de mededeling dat verleden Maandag nacht bij en zijne huisgenoten gewekt werden door het loeien van runderen. Toen hij naar buiten ging zag hij een groot voorwerp met schitterende lichten boven zijn koeweide zweven. hij, zijn zoon en zijn knecht snelden met bijlen gewapend er op af, waarop het voorwerp zich in de lucht verhief, aan een touw een driejarigen os meetrekkende. Den volgenden dag vond hij de huid van den os tien mijlen van zijn huis. Hij zegt het voorwerp was ongeveer 300 voet laag en er hing een grote mand aan. Een wiel draaide met een groot geraas schielijk om. Ook zegt hij dat hij twee mannen, twee kinderen en een vrouw er in zag. Twee buren van Hamilton hebben ene beëdigde verklaring afgelegd dat ze hem voor een waarheidlievend man houden.

Source: De grondwet, 04 Mei 1897.

06 09 1897 luchtverschijnsel nederland


AwE130 comment on this article:

(April 23, 1897, a Kansas newspaper)

According to some websites the abduction of the ox was a hoax. In 1976 (79 years after the event) an elderly Kansas woman came forward to say that shortly before the tale was reported in the Farmer's Advocate, she had heard Hamilton boast to his wife that he had made up the story. The name of the elderly woman is not mentioned. Lets assume she was 14 years old in 1897. That would make her 93 years old when she explained the story away as a hoax? Skeptics of UFOs and alien abduction believe every story that confirms their side of the argument. A single unnamed source 79 years after the event is enough for them to label the story as a hoax. If the critical website howstuffworks had done its research they would have found that the woman was Ethel L. Shaw, 93 years old and hard of hearing in 1976. Her testimony you can read here.

The statement of Mrs Ethel L. Shaw:

When you critically analyse the statement of Mrs Ethel L. Shaw you will notice a few things. She starts by telling how she remembers the day.

"How well I remember that beautiful afternoon almost as though it were yesterday. I, as a young girl about 14 years old, was visiting in the Hamilton home with Mrs. Hamilton and their daughter Nell when Mr. Hamilton came home from town, put up his team and came into the sitting room where we were visiting. He pulled up a chair and almost immediately began relating this story by saying, ‘Ma, I fixed up quite a story and told the boys in town and it will come out in the Advocate this weekend."

She still remembers a lot of details about a day 79 years ago. It is known that people who are making up a story will always add small details to make the story more believable.

"He seemed quite elated over what he had done but Mrs. Hamilton was rather shocked at what he had told them and at times would remark, ‘Oh, Alex,’ or ‘Why, Alex!’ But it didn’t disturb us girls as we felt it was just a fabricated story, yet I pondered a little over it as I walked along on my way home that evening. I told my parents about it but they gave it no concern saying, ‘Pay no attention to it as it’s just another of his stories."

She remembers that she as a child was not at all disturbed, as they knew it was a fabricated story. She again remembers a lot of details.

"It seems there were a few men round about who had formed a club which they called ‘Ananias’ (Liars’ Club). They would get together once in a while to see which one could tell the biggest story they’d concocted since their last meeting. Well, to my knowledge, the club soon broke up after the ‘airship and cow’ story. I guess that one had topped them all and the Hamilton family went down in history."

There was a club "Ananias" who came together and fabricated strange stories. What other stories did this club fabricate before the cow abduction story. Certainly Mrs Ethel L. Shaw should have been able to call out a few as she seemed to have no problem remembering the smallest details in her testimony. After reading the testimony of Mrs Ethel L. Shaw it becomes clear why the website howstuffworks does not include a link to this testimony. The testimony of Mrs Mrs Ethel L. Shaw holds too many small details to be authentic or truthful.

An obscure Kansas weekly newspaper, the Buffalo Enterprise had reprinted the cow abduction story and received a letter from Ed F. Hudson, who was the editor of the Yates Center Farmer’s Advocate in 1897. According to the letter from Hudson the farmer had told him "Now they can fly,’ hence the airship story that we made up".

It was on the 25th February 1942 that one of the first modern UFO sightings in the US was reported worldwide, better know as the Battle of Los Angeles. You can bet that journalists were roaming the old archives to see if they could find stories related to the Battle of Los Angeles. When the Buffalo Enterprise reprinted the 1897 story in 1943 the US had no interest in stories that confirmed Unidentified Flying Objects in the US skies. They were in the midst of World War II. Within a week the cow abduction story was killed by the letter of Hudson. This is how UFO stories are covered up all the time.

(AwE130: Battle of LA article)

The other testimonies are secondary and therefore less reliable. One of the things we noticed is that the Dutch article from 1897 referred to a three year old ox. The debunk websites we found refer to a cow or calf. The truth is in the details not in the number of debunking websites. Was the ox abduction story real? It is hard to tell what really happened but what we can tell is that the debunking websites did a very lousy job of investigating the case.