UFOs photographed, 1988

video archive 1

1988, Unknown broadcast.

A short clip showing eyewitness reports of UFO sightings. The sound fades in and out. The video is stored at the National Archive, TV SATELLITE FILE NO. 282: UFO's, 1988.

Statement on Flying Saucers

video archive 1

31st July 1953, Major General John A. Samford

The first Video is from 1966 and is an interview about UFOs with the Air Force. National Archives Identifier: 70511 Local Identifier: 342-USAF-42990. The second video is from 31st July 1953, Major General John A. Samford speaks about UFOs. Stored at the National Archives at College Park. Identifier: 25738 Local Identifier: 111-LC-30875.

The Westall UFO case, 1966

video archive 1

6th April 1966, Melbourne, Westall High School UFO.

Professor James McDonald, your courage will never be forgotten, may your soul rest in peace. The big cover up of a massive UFO sighting in Australia. After many years people are still afraid to speak about what they saw. The Australian government covered up this encounter, which they hoped would never be talked about again. In the  second video the children from 1966 are interviewed 50 years later, in 2016. They still tell you: we know what we saw.

The Unsolved UFO Mystery, 1989

video archive 1

1989, Hosted by Mike Farrell.

This video examines numerous reports of UFO encounters from all over the world. It includes interviews with officers who worked for Project Blue Book, as well as a Russian close encounter of the third kind. The video is from 1989 and gives a good impression of how seriously the subject of UFOs was taken by certain elements within the government. Also see part 3, 15:40, where Jesse Marcel (Son of Major Jesse A. Marcel), who in 1947 held the Roswell material in his hands, says that the material was not of this Earth.

Alien abduction, the investigation

video archive 1

16th September 1994, Zimbabwe school children see two UFOs and grays.

This video is not of the best quality, however it is one of the better investigations into the phenomenon of alien encounters and abductions. It includes interviews with some of the 62 school children in Zimbabwe who saw two UFOs and gray aliens. The Ariel school children of the class of 1994 saw what you are not allowed to know.