Interview with the Ariel school children

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16 September 1994, Zimbabwe Ariel school children tell their story.

This video is not of the best quality, however, it is a must watch for everyone who is seriously interested in the UFO and alien phenomena. In 1994 a group of 62 school children saw two UFOs and aliens who observed them. This video has recorded their stories of what they saw on that remarkable day, the 16th of September 1994.

Japan two old alien and UFO cases

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Junichi Yaoi Presents UFOs in Japan.

This is a clip from a longer presentation, where Junichi is presenting two very interesting UFO and alien cases. The first UFO story is from 1803, where a strange ball was found on the sea, inside they saw, what they called a strange lady. This story is accomplished by drawings from those days. The second case is over 500 years old and was documented by Shoguns. It is a story about a strange creature, it flew to the rooftop of the castle, were it was picked up by a fire ball.

The Falcon Lake UFO Canada

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19 May 1967, Stefan Michalak close encounter of the third kind.

Stefan Michalak (30th October 1999 †) was burned by one of two flying saucers with which he came into contact on May 19, 1967 near Falcon Lake (Manitoba). Stefan had a grid of burn marks on his chest and on the shirt he was wearing. For weeks he had a sulfur smell around him. A similar sulfur smell was reported in a Belgium UFO case from 1826. This video is a reconstruction of what happened, it also includes interviews with Stefan and his son. This is a video clip from, Unsolved Mysteries, Season 3 Episode 16.

The UFO in British Columbia

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July 1991 Alien abduction case.

This is a reconstruction of what happened in July 1991 in Canada. Corina Saebels sees a spaceship hovering over her home in Aldergrove, British Columbia. She disappeared for 45 minutes, to her recollection, she was staring to the UFO for just a few minutes. It is a returning phenomena, that people who see UFOs, do seem to have lost memories and time. This is a video clip from Ancient Aliens: The US Government's Evidence of UFOs (Season 12, Episode 1)

Kecksburg UFO 1965

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9 December 1965, The Kecksburg UFO crash.

An object landed/crashed in the mall town of Kecksburg, PA on the 9th of December 1965. It was observed as a fireball in the sky across several U.S. states and Canada. Witnesses have provided independent, corroborated descriptions of the object and its location in the Kecksburg woods.